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HEXAS: Liberty Nest Review on NONPOP by Endsal

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Crunchy debut of the new collaboration of ANTIchildLEAGUE & 6COMM: HEXAS combine powerful beat sequences with harsh noises and nasty vocals to a stretchy, even dance floor-friendly electro-industrial bastard that is so full of charm - all thumbs up!

There are so candidates who are always good for a surprise. In Scene Grandseigneur PATRICK LEAGAS aka 6COMM , especially in the last years anyway a continuous process of artistic transformation is subject, this is nothing new in itself, and yet leaves what is now in collaboration with his old combatant and partner in crime GAYA DONADIO Aka ANTIchildLEAGUE was born under the common nom de guerre HEXAS , because here a terrain is baked, which one of the two is not yet known in this form so far. What is immediately noticeable in "Liberty Nest" is the extreme focus on the rhythmic element: the album grows more groovy, even: stretchwise technoid , at any rate it goes consistently forward. And this spontaneous first impression is also quite in the sense of the inventor, because the musical agenda of HEXAS is, according to DONADIO, whose solo project ACL is clearly located in the PE / noise genre, decidedly a fusion of rhythmic beat and harsh noise elements oriented. Now it is no secret that it is not uncommon for musicians from the Noise / PE / Industrial environment to suddenly feel called upon to enrich their musical concept across the genre to create more dance floor quality qua beats per minute. As a reason for piety, which had been long since stale, the only reminder was the redundant EBM bomber, the dark-ambient pantokrator, BRIAN LUSTMORD, who together with his old buddy ANDREW LAGOWSKI in 1992, under the name TERROR AGAINST TERROR Has. These cliffs have hailed HEXAS as stylishly as well as successfully, and their program for "Liberty Nest" is absolutely sovereign - correspondingly relaxed and refreshing is the result.


The introductory title track "Liberty Nest" is still the most experimental, slanting number for the album, but "Reptilian Culture" is clearly rhythmic and almost (almost!) Danceable despite the fact that the elements are quite nonsense. The successor "Helborn" is a modified remake of the ACL track "Born From Hell ... Into Hell" from the 2014 album "The Son" : again a relatively bratzige number, the new mixed, with clear vocals - by DONADIO and LEAGAS - equipped with much clearer, more powerful beats than the original. The "Art Demands War" may be a bit antiquated, and will remain behind the targets: here, individual samples and the sound sequences that are used will evoke some vintage charms, while the comparatively sub-complex, rumpy beats vague "black" stamping events Of the late '90s. The Beneath The Sun is the unquestioned, ultimate icing on the cake, with the mini- CD: after all, a catchy earworm, with catchy technoid beat sequences or generally catchy rhythm structures, and GAYA DONADIO's vocals just as wonderfully nasty, grim and undercooled as the ACL Connaisseur knows and loves. Finally, the final track "Me And I" is a dancefloor-friendly straight forward clopper of the extra class which, with its archaic force, is likely to turn even truer semesters into joyful waves.

Considered as a mini-album, "Liberty Nest" is approaching medium-heavy perfection, so compact, refreshing, entertaining and in itself all-round, the six numbers extending over a total of 25 minutes. What should not be suggested, one does not trust HEXAS "full-time album ", by no means! But it is precisely this compact format that makes the matter so extraordinarily snappy to the point, especially as a debut: there is no moment boredom and everything that remains in the end is no more and no less than a good overall impression. The CD appears in the black black high-gloss cardboard box and does not include elaborate conceptual and programmatic explanations, which is why there is no booklet. But is also superfluous, because "Liberty Nest" works simply - and speaks in this way completely for itself.

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