Sunday 4 March 2018

Six Comm/HEXAS 7" inch review on Compulsion online

Six Comm/HEXAS 7" inch review on Compulsion online
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There will be a brand new album released by Six Comm by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019.
Title: 'The Messiah Complex'

Digital release - February 24, 2018

Digital release - February 24, 2018 

Extended 9.5 minutes remix from the 7' Vinyl version Torture gardeners / Beneath the sin by Six comm & Hexas. Only available on Bandcamp.

7"vinyl available from

Patrick Leagas Instruments & vocals. Gaya Donadio backing vocals.



Sunday 28 January 2018

HEXAS 'Liberty Nest' - Review on Side-Line

HEXAS 'Liberty Nest' - Review on Side-Line

Hexas – Liberty Nest (CD Album – Hagshadow London)
Genre/Influences: Industrial, industrial-rock, ritual.
Background/Info: Patrick Leragas (6Comm) and Gaya Donadio (AntiChildLleague) joined hands to release this album –which rather looks as a mini-album, under the Hexas moniker. The work features 6 cuts.
Content: The industrial influence comes rapidly through in the percussion and raw sound treatments, but there also is a dark sound atmosphere hanging over the work. Both opening cuts are into bombast and a kind of apocalyptic-rock approach. Quite progressively Hexas walks at a different path becoming frightening and ritual like. The spoken vocals of Gaya Donadio have something bewitching while on other cuts you can feel rage and passion. The sound remains pretty industrial, but accentuated by an intriguing ritual atmosphere.
+ + + : I like the bombast band and industrial exposure of this work. The dark sphere hanging over the tracks creates a magic match with the ritual elements. “Liberty Nest” becomes a mysterious piece of music dominated by haunting vocals and obscure sound treatments. I especially like this ritual element reaching a truly climax at “Helborn” and “Art Demands War”. Patrick Leagas hasn’t lost his nose for transcendental compositions.
- - - : Both opening cuts left me a bit skeptical like revealing a hesitating composition without real magic or chemistry between both protagonists.
Conclusion: Hexas features a poignant debut, which I hope will get a successor. This is the perfect match between industrial- and ritual music.
Best songs: “Beneath The Sun”, “Helborn”, “Art Demands War”.
Rate: (7½).

Sunday 7 January 2018

Six Comm & HEXAS/ACL split 7" inch

Six Comm & HEXAS/ACL split 7" inch
Release Date: 14/02/2018

Welcome to the new split 7" inch release with
Six Comm & HEXAS/ACL

Tracks: Torture Gardeners  & Beneath The Sin

These retro club 6 mixes (mixed by Patrick L)  were recorded in 2017 using still surviving 1980's instruments as a basis for the Torture gardeners & enhancing Gaya's & Patrick's original work on the Hexas/acl track Beneath the Sun , released on the Hexas CD mini album Liberty Nest last year.
Torture Gardeners is of course a re recording of Patrick's classic Death in June track 'Torture Garden' originally released on the Torture to Conscience compilation LP compiled & issued on the NER label in the early 80's.

Six Comm & HEXAS/ACL split 7" inch
Tracks Titles:
Release Date: 14/02/2018
LABEL Joint Release:
Biotope Art Organization & Hagshadow

Presales now on:
£6.50 UK including postage
£10.00 EU including postage
£11.50 USA including postage

Combined deal:
HEXAS 'Liberty Nest' Mcd with Six Comm & HEXAS/ACL
Torture Gardeners/
Beneath The sin 7"
£14.00 UK including postage
£17.50 EU including postage
£18.00 USA including postage

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UK customers please add £1.00 to get the item recorded delivery.
EU and USA please £5.00 extra for tracked and signed postage.
Please send direct payment for pre-order via PayPal to PayPal address:
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All pre-orders will be shipped within one week of title release.
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Six Comm/HEXAS 7" inch review on Compulsion online

Six Comm/HEXAS 7" inch review on Compulsion online Thank you! Here the Link: